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1996 David L. Birch

USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and
Cognetics Inc.

For having identified the key role of new and small firms in job creation.


Thirty years ago Dr David L. Birch published The Job Generation Process, a genuinely seminal work that posed new research questions along with the requisite methods for finding answers that have influenced a whole generation of researchers. Dr Birch is best known for having identified the key role of new and small firms in job creation, and this has contributed tremendously to the recognition of the small firm sector.

His contribution is even more far-reaching, significantly influencing the research community’s view of high-growth firms, the reasons for regional differences in economic development, and the fundamental role of gross dynamics in the economy at large.

Dr Birch’s pioneering work has stimulated extensive international research that has confirmed many of his findings. His scientific work has not only considerably influenced research in many countries but as well shaped public policy.

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