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2005 William B. Gartner

USA, Clemson University

William B. Gartner giving his Prize Lecture, Rosenbad May 2005.
In the background, professor Hans Landström, member of the Prize Committee.

For his studies on new venture creation and entrepreneurial behavior, combining the best parts of the positivist and hermeneutic tradition.


William B. Gartner, Arthur M. Spiro Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University, is a world-class scholar. Gartner has for the last 25 years been highly influential in entrepreneurship education and research and for this achievement received several awards. Over the years Gartner has published an impressive number of articles in top journals on new venture creation and entrepreneurial behavior. Not only is he a widely cited scholar, he is also influential as a person who engages in real-life entrepreneurship and education.

Professor Gartner manages to combine the best part of two research traditions – the positivist tradition and the hermeneutic tradition, which is more common in Europe. In a unique way professor Gartner has shown and continues to show us ways to increase our knowledge of entrepreneurship by using both of these routes, either in parallel or simultaneously.

William Gartner was co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Research Consortium in 1995, which initiated, developed and managed the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics. This was the first major national longitudinal dataset on nascent entrepreneurship exploring how entrepreneurs find and identify opportunities, recognize and solve start-up problems, and take action to successfully launch new ventures. He is also the lead editor of a recently published comprehensive overview of this study. Professor Gartner constantly questions the field and how it is researched, thereby helping establishing a sound theoretical core based on the reality of entrepreneurs.

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